Shri. J.K.K.Natarajah

J.K.K. Rangammal Charitable Trust

About the Trust

In sixties, the female children in Kumarapalayam had to walk 2.5 k.m. for their schooling to the nearby town Bhavani. Some parents hesitated to send, some ceased their children schooling. All resulted them to stay either at homes or to work in handlooms and dyeing industries. Realizing the need of women education, a visionary philanthropist of the zone, Shri. J.K.K. Natarajah, initiated a girls’ school in the town in 1965, four years before the inception of the trust.

The trust was established, J.K.K.Rangammal Charitable Trust (Reg No:33) in 1969 with the objective of providing literacy, women empowerment resulting to upgraded socio-economic status of the people. Walking on the footprints of her father, Shrimathi.N. SENDAMARAAI, Managing trustee, expanded the service by providing multi-disciplinary education to both genders. Now, under the umbrella, there are 10 institutions, inclusive of Dental, Pharmacy, Nursing, Education, Engineering, Arts and Science colleges and Govt. Aided Girls School, Matriculation schools. The trust conducts free dental camps, free treatments and surgeries, blood donation camps, motivational and entrepreneurship awareness camps. The trust also extends its charitable hands; medical support to the impoverished, helping destitute, natural calamities support, education and scholarship support to poor students and culture support.


(a) To establish, maintain, run, developer, improve, exchange, grant donations for and to aid and assistant in the establishment maintenance running development improvement and extension of elementary schools secondary schools, high schools, colleges universities, workshops, weaving, industrial technological and other art craft and Science institutes schools and institutions of Tamil or any other language hostels for the benefit of students and all kinds of educational institutions whether general technical vocational professional, for the Welfare and uplift of the general Indian Public, and to institute and the award scholarships in India or elsewhere for study research apprenticeship for all or any of the said purposes.

(b) To establish, run, developer improve, extend, grant donations for and to aid and assist in the establishment of maintenance running development improvement and extension of libraries, reading rooms, recreation centres and all other facilities as are calculated to be of use in imparting education to the Indian public.

(c) To establish, maintain run develop improve extend grant donations for and aid and assist in the establishment maintenance running development improvement and extension of hospitals,  clinics, dispensaries  maternity homes and all similar Institutions as well as will afford treatment recuperation and other allied advantages to the way of alleviating the sufferings of humanity.

(d) To build erect and construct and to aid assist in the building erection and construction of houses tenements and places of residence for the poor needy and defective and to afford them all comforts and conveniences at as low cost as possible are free of cost.

(E) to conduct the poor feeding and generally to give food and clothing to the poor needy and defective and to offered relief to poor in distress and affected by earthquake flood famine, pestilence and other accidents and the conduct or grant donations for the support of the inmates of orphanages.

(f) To help assist and to give it to the fathers are other natural Guardians are near relatives of indigent and the unmarried Hindu girls for their marriages.

(g) To engage in, carry on, help aid and assist and promote rural reconstruction work, cottage industry and all other matters incidental thereto in India.

(h) To provide suitable work for the unemployed, orphans, crippled helpless and destitute without any distinction of caste creed or religion in Technical Centres about Institutions Lodging Houses Industrial and other educational institutions.

(I) To provide play and entertainment centres for children, welfare centres for women and children and provision of information centres physical and mental rest houses recreation Centre etc.

(j) To provide for and to arrange and organize public meetings discussions, seminars, conferences, educational gatherings, musical programs exhibition festivals cinemas etc., which promote the aim and objectives of the trust.

(k) To carry out the suggestions, directions etc., of the donors which are in bar with the aim and objectives of the trust.

(l) the more objectives shall be independent of each other and the board of trustees as hereinafter constituted,  from time to time apply of the funds of the trust in carrying out all or any of the aforesaid objects after trust as they may deem fit.